AvConnect Lite - Automatic Pilot Logbook App Reviews

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Was great, now horrible

Program was fairly expensive, $60 or so per year. However it was a pretty good program. You simply pressed a button and your flight was uploaded from ATC. After the new IOS upgrade it won't even launch as an app. You can still use the web, but no automatic uploads. No response from company, pretty pathetic.

Do not download

This company does not answer the phone nor reply to support requests. I suggest using other software. Horrible company. Probably high on hemp in Colorado.

Do not download!

App has not worked for months. Company does not respond to inquiries but still charges monthly fees. Complete ripoff.


I can't add a new entry with the app since the recent iOS update. I can put it in in the website then adjust it with the app but the new entry button isn't working.

Not very good yet

You cannot just use this app - you must go to the website to get going. The app will show you your logged flights (it ignores any historical block time you may have entered) and very basic currencies (BFR, medical, passenger, night, IFR), but it has no reports available at all. It really has a lot of potential but this app and the manager app for ipad do not replace the need to use their website. But even the website has issues - the report engine is dodgy. I tried running a report via safari on an ipad and as soon as I typed the date, did not hit enter - just clicked the next cell, it began processing ad infinitum - it locked up. Did this numerous times until I just gave up. The reports I have run were OK, but again - you can only find them on the website and as a bonus they are ultra slow to run. These apps are half-baked in my opinion. On the plus side, their support is excellent. Upon signing up I soon received an offer from one of their trainers to do live human-led webex training, which I did. It helped, but it focused 100% on the website. These apps are clearly afterthoughts.

Not enough columns, limited applications.

I could not find anyway to track seaplane (single or twin engine) could not find a way to track (tailwheel time) and seems to have a very high yearly cost! $45.00 per year? Yea right, lots of luck with that.


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Excellend but expensive

Very good program. It contains everything an aircraftowner needs to keep track of things. Very good support by the AvConnect staff. However it should be mentioned that after the TRIALPERIOD expires the service for keeping the records is kind of steep. about $400/year for single engine record keeping and $90/year just for the logbook. This definetly should be mentioned in iTunes before downloading a software for $20.

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